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How the red wine is prepared [preparation of red wine]

The wine is made up of grapes that are rotten and can’t be used for eating by humans.

these rotten red grapes are collected together for the preparation of this wine.

these rotten red grapes are collected together and crushed without damaging seeds in the grapes

the pulp and outer skin of grapes are welly crushed.

now the yeast and sugar are added to the crushed one required one and kept for 3-5 weeks.

note: here the yeast eats the rotten flavour of red wine and produces a good amount of alcohol.

within 3-5 weeks the alcohol produces over 12%

as the yeast lives in red wine by eating the ingredients like sugar and rotten pulp of red grapes.

when the wine gets a threshold amount of alcohol percentage, ingredients are filtered. The pulp of rotten grapes, yeast.

now the pure red wine alcohol is collected in a bottle and stored underground.

The price increases according to its age.

These bottles are removed from the ground according to their demand and flavors are mixed for sales purposes.

Drinking red wine is part of France culture and France is the largest consumer of red wine in the world.

 Denmark has tried the France residents which brings about it is useful for wellbeing particularly heart

Denmark conducted a test on 4833 France citizens.

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 red wine is good for health

is red wine good for you

The people who live in France drinking red wine is part of their culture and France is the largest consumers of red wine in the world.

when the test has occurred the France citizens and it results from it is good for health especially heart Denmark conducted a test on 4833 France citizens.

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How does red wine good for health

the dark researchers said that red wine contains a chemicals called 1.resveratrol




these are important 4 chemicals the factors which help reduce heart diseases and good for health.

mainly resveratrol is very useful for reducing heart diseases 

1250ml of red wine consists of 1mg of resveratrol.

note: per day 150ml of red wine is good for health above this even the liver fails to detoxify it.

7 Facts and Myths of wine

  1. The shape of the glass affects the taste of the red wine if the glass has more surface area it improves the taste more by diffusing in air and taking breathe this taste is produced. the reaction with oxygen develops more aroma.

2.By swirling your glass it generates taste colliding with oxygen particles.

3.All the flavour notes are in your wine.

4.You need to let your wine breathe so that it reacts with oxygen sulfite is developed and the bacteria is killed.

5.Expensive bottles of wine are better than a cheap one.

6.Serve a red wine at room temperature and white wine at cold even this matters a lot in tasting factor.

7.Taking stuff like meat when you consume the red wine and taking fish when you consume the white one.

History of wine

is red wine good for you

wine is an ancient beverage with roots back to neolithic times wine cultivation is something like six to nine thousand years old depending on your sourcing with roots in the near east Mesopotamia.

wine is simply a fermented fruit juice with the fermentation causing the alcohol to build up in liquid today milk and water not considered as the healthful beverages

they have bacteria-fighting properties of alcohol societies were able to say to stay nourished and hydrated.

one greek historian wrote that

peoples of the Mediterranean began to emerge from barbarism when they learned to cultivate the olive and the wine.

in west France, the national academy of sciences journal revealed the sources of french wine etruia.

The Etruscans were they are living now it is called northern Italy

they traded wine with the Gauls now it is known as Germany in France .

They additionally found the winepress and furthermore the tumbler in which the wine was put away.

In the beginning phases, these wine are horribly tasted and they transformed into a decent one throughout some time, despite the fact that these wine is put away the dirty pots and were sold.

Top 5 red wine that everyone should try

  1. Sula red wine

The principal wine in our pannel today in Indias top of the line red wine Sula since it was dispatched in 2000 it is a medium-bodied wine with cherries 

The aroma in this is like black pepper and tannin

It additionally works incredible taste with a food you can likewise attempt this with the fish and furthermore with Indian curries.

it is popular in 26 countries including India and performing best everywhere.

2.Sidus premium red

Another classic from the region of Maharashtra and medium-bodied wine with a slight aroma so it is very special for its acidity.

Sidus also used to make wine cocktails, which plays the important role in cocktails

wine is used in food items that are made in the kitchen


Even this is exported from Nashik in Maharashtra.

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